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Tim Lueder

#28  Tim Lueder

Position:  P, 2B, and pretty much all the other spots, including bull pen catcher. 

Best Pitch:  Knuckle ball,

Worst Pitch:  All the others...

Bats/Throws:  R/R, except when I bat left...  Only player on the team with a patented hitting style, Lueder Bleeders.  It's recognized as an art form.

Married: Doh!

Years with the Millers:  2001, 2003, 2004, 2005

Nicknames:  Timmé!, Donna (as in Prima), T-bone, Hey you!

Baseball Background:  After being named one of the top Tee-ball prospects in the nation by Tee-ball Today magazine, Tim was on his way to certain fame and fortune in 4-5 Majors.  But as most rags to riches stories go, there were peaks and valleys to follow.  His rise to the top was quick, yet a minor set back occurred the following year.  Though a 6-7 grade minor league all star, the shine was beginning to fad.  Tim started indulging in weekly soda parties, sleep overs, and "night games" with the neighborhood girls.  Friends and family could see the downward spiral that commonly consumes young superstars, but were unable to stop it.  Tim hit rock bottom in 1985, after striking out three times during a varsity scrimmage, Tim turned to free basing Mountain Dew and Double stuff cookies to dull the pain, the once blue eyed, blond hair heart breaker was now a sugar jacked afro sporting dork.  One word summed it up, Sad.  Amazingly, Tim righted the ship the following summer during a stint at the local pool where he met Nancy who constantly dissed him and kept him on the up and up by kicking his ass at poker.  Humble, but with his confidence restored, Tim went on to light up the NCAA division 3 record books by not obtaining one in three years in the starting lineup for the mediocre Wartburg Knights.  A second baseman, the now older, somewhat mature hot ass, consistently led the team in front page pictures in opposing teams home town papers and fielding percentage.  After not being drafted into the pros or by even the local town team, Tim moved to Des Moines to refocus his life and start anew.  He managed to con a local town team unfamiliar with his past to give him a chance.  Tim flourished and hit his only career home run that summer.  He should have retired right then and there and become a professional golfer, but the dumb ass, with new confidence and chasing some chick named Kelly, moved to the Cities to play with the big boys in the Park National League.  With the luck of being on another mediocre team, Tim floundered with the Legends for several years amassing a life time batting average of .394 and a hitting style that pissed off more fielders than any other in the history of the game.  Though super stardom and big money escaped him, Tim has found a home on the Minneapolis Millers much to the chagrin of his teammates.

Favorite Pro Team:  USA Ryder Cup Team

Golf Handicap: 1.9