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Todd Cornelius

#22  Todd "Corny" Cornelius

2000 MVP

Position:  OF, DH

Bats/Throws:  R/R


Years with the Millers:  2000 - 2005, Las Vegas 2006

No Kids

One Cat:  Newman

Baseball Career:  McKenna Park (t-ball), Columbia Heights Cubs, Falldin, Central Jr. High, Columbia Heights Jr. North Stars, Columbia Heights High School, North Hennepin Junior College, University of Minnesota-Morris, Druk Upholstery, Columbia Heights town team, Jimmy’s Bar, Sporting Goods Inc. (Brooklyn Center), Druk’s, Minnetonka Saints, Minnesota Saints Florida 30’s group with Larry, Minnesota Saints Florida 40’s group with Larry.

Business/job/career stuff: After my four years of college baseball playing ran out I enrolled at the Big U and decided I wanted to be Oscar Madison and become a sportswriter.  I worked at the Minnesota Daily (and went to class usually only to pick up the syllabus) for four years, one year as the sports editor, and wrote approximately 300 stories.  Then, just before I was to graduate with a Mass Communications degree, I shitcanned the whole writer idea and dove blindly into the t-shirt business, which I dabbled in for about 12 years.  I currently am an FBI undercover agent that covers as a newspaper delivery boy.  It’s supposed to be a secret so don’t tell anyone.

Baseball memories/highlights:  My mom and dad, who were divorced when I was about six, were both at my first college game and saw me hit two homeruns that day.  My mom, who rarely came to my games although my dad made most of them, gave me a hug and a kiss after that first game in front of the whole team.  I told her never to do that again.  I’m glad now that she did that…  Best non-playing memory is visiting the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown and seeing a Twins game at Yankee Stadium.  An old guide at Cooperstown told me he’d never seen anyone as excited as me at the museum.  He was probably right.  I wet my pants…  I sort of reluctantly joined the Saints three years ago as a part-time player.  Joe Perzel had been playing on my Druk’s team and kept encouraging me to try playing 35-and-over but I thought I was too good a player for that league—I was wrong.  The league is much better than I thought and I’m not as good as I thought…  The Roy Hobbs tourney in Florida, especially the first year when I got kissed by two girls, has been a blast…

Favorite Player:  Willie Mays

Favorite Food:  Perogies

Favorite Movies:  Hoosiers, Casablanca, Wizard of Oz

Favorite TV Show: The Andy Griffith Show

Favorite Book:  The Catcher in the Rye

Favorite Restaurant:  The Old Log Cabin

Best Actors:  Robert De Niro, Gene Hackman, Ingrid Bergman

Best Voice:  Karen Carpenter, Lou Rawls

Ambition:  Undecided